Muscular Therapy

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Erdem Saridemir Certified Rolfer

Erdem, Certified Rolfer™, brings specialized Muscular Therapy, "MSIT", to the Eastern Shore. 

He intuitively consults around the current relationship between the connective tissue, muscular system and facial tissue. 

The result is a customized treatment plan that supports better range of motion, posture, balance and a general increase in the sense of well-being and quality of life. 

Erdem has created his "Whole Body" approach by integrating his formal training as a Certified Rolfer™ to help his clients attain relief from a variety of ailments. He is licensed by the State of Alabama Board of Massage Therapy and was certified as a Rolfer™
by the Institute in Boulder. Erdem is proud and humbled to bring a new face to Muscular Therapy and Health. 

 He offers a single session consultations, "Ten Series" Complete Body Alignment and Post-Ten Series Tune Up Sessions.Muscular Structural Integration Therapy


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