Meet Our Talented Team

  • Aveda Ambassador -Makeup Consultant- Daymaking Salon Apprentice

    This is Chloe's fourth year with Aveda and truly enjoys sharing the Points of Difference with the community. 

    She enjoys helping people understand color pallets as it pertains to hair and skin, and also enjoys doing makeup makeovers whenever someone needs a change. 

    Chloe's bubbly empathetic personality keeps the salon a warm, inviting, and lively place to come relax and have your spirits lifted. 

    You can find her Tuesday-Friday ready to help educate you about your current home care and future as well as share Aveda's Mission that we have adopted for our community also. 

    She is a mother of two boys and brings that nurturing spirit to everything she does throughout her day. You will also find her on the salon floor assisting and perfecting her craft specializing curly hair!

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  • Skin Care/Wax Specialist

    Vicki loves her craft and putting her Guests at ease, helping to fine tune their skincare regimen, addressing their primary concerns, and finding products and treatments to help them look and feel amazing. 

    Not only is Vicki a business coach for our Industry, but she is also the author of the ebook:

    Should I Get a Brazilian? You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers

    She is also spear-heading the next level of skin care options on the Eastern Shore offering:

    • Elleebana Lash Lift & Tine with Organic Lash Enhancements 
    • Sleek Brow Extensions/Brow Sculpting semi-permanent
    • Mod-Vellum Clinical Nano-Fill 
    • Nufree hair removal, specializing in Brazilian waxing 

    These non-invasive, highly effective treatments will leave you looking and feeling fantastic!

    Vicki has the tools and training to transform your skin in a matter of weeks without the embarrassment that comes with excessive redness and peeling of the skin. 

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  • Owner-Educator-Stylist/Colorist

    Chelsey has a lifelong-passion for design and creative pursuits. In 2007, she joined AVEDA and 10 years later opened Hues Salon + Skincare  March of 2018 where her creative talents have opened new opportunities for herself and her team. 

    A self-described 'multi passionate', Chelsey is an advocate for Clean Water Projects, educating around behavioral styles, and studying not just other languages in general but love languages as well.

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  • Muscular Structural Integration Therapist

    Erdem is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Alabama and a Certified Rolfer by the Rolfing Institute in Boulder Colorado.

    Regardless of licenses and Certifications, Erdem has created a new and unique Therapy to share with his clients for optimal results. This technique is referred to as MSIT, Muscular Structural Integration Therapy. 

    The body is the structure and the specialized work continues to integrate over time, supporting multiple areas of the body.

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