Muscular Therapy

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Adam, Certified Rolfer™, brings a specialized Muscular Therapy, "MSIT", to the Eastern Shore. 

He intuitively consults around the current relationship between the connective tissue, muscular system, and facia tissue. 

The result is a customized treatment plan that supports better range of motion, posture, balance, and a general increase in the sense of well-being and quality oin your life. 

Adam works out of our salon in the Staples shopping center and works out of his cottage office in Fairhope. His direct line is 2512134328. Call or text for an appointment or use the booking link above through Square.

Adam has created his "Whole Body" approach by integrating his formal training as a Certified Rolfer™ to help you attain relief from a variety of ailments. He is licensed by the State of Alabama Board of Massage Therapy and was certified as a Rolfer™by the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO. Adam is proud and humbled to bring you a new face to Muscular Therapy and Health. 

This technique is a sophisticated system of hands on therapy that has the ability to improve the body's structural alignment and functional movement.

The Classic Series for the whole body is 10 sessions, but generally a customized series of sessions to meet your particular needs is recommended. It is encouraged that you try an initial 3 sessions as a way of determining whether the work is meeting your goals and expectations. While not necessary for everyone, tune up sessions are common after completing a 10 series. 

MSIT can help a range of physical issues including: 

  • General lack of muscular well being
  • Poor  physical performance in regular daily activities, sports, or exercise
  • Long term muscular skeletal problems  
  • Posture related pain and joint problems

By eliminating facia and or muscular restrictions, and compensatory patterns that do not serve you, this work can also improve bio-mechanical efficiency. 

Muscular Structural Integration Therapy can reduce the wear and tear of daily activity. Flexibility in the body can be compromised by regular to intense repetitive activity. With this being the experience of most everyone everyday, it's important to restore balance to the body so that your exercise, range of motion and posture, can start serving you in a positive way again.  

Through this powerful process, changes can occur in the client's body structure, improve functionality, and enhance mental clarity and boost energy levels leading to a new sense of freedom and ease of being.  

Adam and the team at Hues is thrilled to be a part of helping you find a new solution to old muscular challenges and can't wait to see you feeling better again. Please reach out with any questions and let us know if you would like to talk to one of his many happy clients!



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