Muscular Therapy

Adam, Certified Rolfer™, brings a specialized Muscular Therapy, to the Eastern Shore. 

This technique is a sophisticated system of hands on therapy that has the ability to improve the body's structural alignment and functional movement. Feel better, do better.

The Classic Series for the whole body is 10 sessions, but generally a customized series of sessions to meet your particular needs is recommended. Adam and our family style staff are here to help you find out exactly which regimen will be best for you, simple or complex.  

This style of massage can help: 

  • Range of motion
  • Poor physical performance in regular daily activities, sports, or exercise
  • Long term muscular skeletal problems  
  • Posture related pain and joint problems
  • General muscular health

By eliminating facia and or muscular restrictions, and compensatory patterns that do not serve us, this work can also improve bio-mechanical efficiency. 

That's a fancy way of saying that by freeing up all the peices of the body that tie it together, we can remove that "muscle memory" that is keeping us from living our most pain free, limber life.

Massage Therapy can reduce the wear and tear of daily activity. Flexibility in the body can be compromised by regular repetitive activity. This is the experience of most everyone today, especially those of us hunched over a computer all day. 

It is important to restore balance to the body so that our exercise/ range of motion/ posture, can start serving us in a positive way again.  

Through this powerful process, changes can occur in the body's structure, improve functionality, enhance mental clarity, and boost energy levels leading to a new sense of freedom and ease of being.  

Adam, Chelsey, and Vicki are thrilled to be a part of helping you find a new solution to old muscular challenges and can't wait to see you feeling better again. 

Please reach out with any questions!



  • "Erdem’s MSIT is absolutely fabulous. It’s not a feel like a noodle massage, it’s a long term pain reliever getting your body working properly session. Erdem has gentle hands and a thoughtful personality. You’ll be glad you met him."
    Sara Loughran
  • "Adam is a miracle worker with his Rolfing skills and has truly changed my life in healing my lower back and hip. Highly, highly recommend Hues Salon for your waxing, hair care, and muscular therapies!!"
    Erin Hudnall
  • "I am a member of Lakewood Golf Club, and an avid golfer. I have recently had some physical issues and was referred to Adam and his style of physical therapy. After my first treatment the pain in my shoulder was completely gone. I was astonished. I now try to find new reasons to justify another treatment as they are very relaxing and rejuvenating!!
    I would suggest to anyone like me (an aging golfer with some aches and pains) to give Adam a chance to help you. You will also find him very likable and professional!"
    Joel Brown


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