Quarterly Newsletter

Thank you thank you for  supporting our small business and being a part of our story! We are truly looking forward to our third year of business and would like to keep you in the loop on the progress and changes we will be making in order to continue to serve you in a beautiful environment with happy Service Providers.


Supporting us by shopping local is about to be easier than ever.

Aveda is launching a new program where you can buy online and our salon gets the credit, as you are one of our clients.

We will very soon, by February, have a Vanity URL (fancy website link ie: shophuesaveda.com) This link can be found on our website under the “SHOP LOCAL ONLINE” tab, and on our social media posts.


A great way to keep up with what we are doing, which events are rolling around, and way to keep up with Pure Privilege Bonus points is to follow us on Social Media, specifically Instagram and Facebook. Our handle on those platforms is @huessalonskincare. Just type that into the search bar when you have those sites open and viola!

Coming soon on Social Media:

-Special 2020 Service deals

-New Services for men

-New pricing options for hair services with Chelsey and an assisting Colleague

-New looks for 2020

-Nail Services

-Lash Services

-Massage Services

-Hairapy with Allison Gregg,  Certified through the International Coach Federation. See more about her at allisongreggconsulting.com


We are proud to announce that we have joined Green Circle Salons as an effort to keep our end of the AVEDA mission in tact. We will now be able to recycle every single piece of waste that comes out of our salon. This includes foils with chemicals on them, the actual left over chemicals from services, and HAIR! Who knew that hair in land fills creates an exorbitant amount of methane each year! Please look this company up to see how your and our participation in this program makes our waters and Earth in general cleaner.

Starting in February we will have successfully launched the systems that go into participating with Green Circle, and a 2% eco tax will be attached to Services only. This pitches in towards the costs associated with being environmentally responsible with our beauty and wellness practices.

Please feel free to bring back any bottles you purchase from us so we can recycle them for you.


Just a quick reminder, the texting function from our appointment system, VAGARO,  only allows you to click the link in order to confirm. Any messages you would like to text us back needs to go to the work cell phone at 2512002131. All messages you reply to on that automated system goes into outer space for the aliens to read and we never see it.


We ask for your help as we move into this third year of business and we grow a new team.

When our team has done an amazing job or made you feel great, please leave us reviews on Google. Facebook is a bonus area for reviews, but a LOT of potential business is stopping by Google first to check us out and lots of great reviews are the tipping point to give us a chance.

We are very grateful for the support!


In the name of supporting small business, we also ask that when it is possible, to please leave any gratuities in cash or checks directly to your service provider. The business, Daymaker Inc., pays taxes and credit card fees on this money and does not benefit from it in anyway. We would much prefer to take that money we have been spending and reinvest it in education for your Service providers or provide better benefits to them.

We understand cards are simply easier to remember these days, but when it’s possible, it is greatly appreciated!


New Hours!

We will be moving to a Monday-Friday schedule very soon.

Services in the evening will be made available to those who work and typically need a Saturday OR  you can get on our 1 Saturday a month that we will be open.

The salon will be closed for National holidays for family time moving forward.

We will always be sure to let you know ahead of time, and social media is a good place to keep up with our holiday hours, Facebook especially. As a very small business, we will be taking Vacation at the same time over Spring break, a Summer reprieve, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It’s too difficult on the few left behind when 2 or more are on vacation. We appreciate your patience with this.


As we get busier we ask that you please leave any children who are not receiving services at home or use our partner next door at the Kids Gym as a place to entertain the kiddos while you receive your services. We pride our self in a “Chill Relaxing environment” and part of that  is giving other parents and grandparents a break from child chatter.  Ask us how the Kids Gym has partnered with us for more information.


We have new faces joining our team and we are so excited for them to meet you, our salon family. Come January 25th Taylor will be a married woman, moved to Naples Florida, and we miss her already.  We thank you for your support again as we move into this new chapter. Please reach out if there is any way we can make your visits more special. 

You are very important to us!

~Chelsey Hughes


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