Erdem Saridemir's Background

Body Posture & Pain Relief Specialist
Adam, Chelsey's loving husband, brings the whole body transformation to Hues with his highly effective therapies.

You can find him in his down time spending time with family and friends, supporting his soccer team, cooking, and loving on his fur babies.

Adam has a deep passion for his clients and helping them avoid surgeries, and get their life back and out of chronic pain. His approach is gentle on the body allowing the work to integrate at an effective rate.

Licensed as a Massage Therapist in the State of Alabama and a Certified Rolfer by the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado, Adam has the tools and back ground to alleviate a wide range of ailments.

This technique is referred to as MSIT, Muscular Structural Integration Therapy. 

The body is the structure and the specialized work continues to integrate over time, supporting multiple areas of the body at a time.

Book today for a consultation or pop in for a chair massage any time to meet this kind therapist ready to help you take on a brand new you!

Erdem, spent a year in Boulder, Colorado getting certified as a Rolfer. He is enthusiastic about bringing his own version of specialized Muscular Therapy to the Eastern Shore. 

Erdem intuitively consults around the current relationship between the connective tissue, muscular system and facial tissue. The result is a customized treatment plan that supports better range of motion, posture, balance and a general increase in the sense of well-being and quality of life.

Erdem has a wide variety of clients that he works on and has a special passion for young athletes as he was one himself. Playing soccer was Erdem's first passion in life, now he's on fire to keep any talented sportsman in the game and feeling/operating at their finest potential.

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