Chelsey Hughes Saridemir

Chelsey has a lifelong-passion for design and creative pursuits. In 2007, she joined AVEDA and 10 years later opened Hues Salon + Skincare  March of 2018 where her creative talents have opened new opportunities for herself and her team. 

A self-described 'multi passionate', Chelsey is an advocate for Clean Water Projects, educating around behavioral styles, and studying not just other languages in general but love languages as well.


Chelsey is most happy when she is creating. Be it creating relationships, new business, education, or art. 

She loves accomplishing the 'impossible' for her guests with custom cuts specializing in Curly hair, difficult mens hair, and 'Going Grey Gracefully'. She enjoys running her Experiential AVEDA Retail Store where she continues to help solve our guests' challenges. 

When she is not at the salon, she enjoys spending time with friends/family, learning Turkish, traveling and seeing live music. 

Married in 2015, to her husband Adam, she acquired a fantastic second family from Turkey that opened her eyes to so many new blessings, love, and culture she would have never before been exposed to.

She also volunteers her time during the holidays, running The Helpful Elf, a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged families with children in the hospital. Originally from South of Atlanta, Chelsey is a true Southerner with a World Wide View of humanity.

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